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Tenant Finder Service

Finding a well-qualified suitable tenant is without doubt the most critical part to ensuring the tenancy runs smoothly. This service is great for self-managing landlords who like managing their own property but would prefer a professional to find their tenants.

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Flexible Property Management – you choose!

Our flexible options let you decide what you want to manage. For example – if you only want to do the rental inspections or you only want to collect the rent money, then you can!

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Standard Property Management

Our standard property management service is exactly what it says. We can manage your property and reduce your stress for an affordable price so you can relax and enjoy life’s pleasures!

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Premium Property Management

With our Premium property management service, almost everything is included. This is the Rolls Royce of packages and will take away all your stress – remember, we’ve got your back!

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Tenant Checking Service

Knowing your tenant is the most important step towards a successful tenancy. Tenantcheck by Tenancy™ is available exclusively to Property Managers and is offered by Renthub. It ensures you are getting the highest level security access available. Tenantcheck gives you access to over 100 databases and datasets and tells Property Managers if your tenant applicant is wanted.

Tenantcheck is also the only system that checks both Centrix and Equifax databases as well as international datasets such as Centrix credit bureau, Equifax credit bureau, Tenancy Tribunal, New Zealand Courts, Disputes Tribunal, TVNZ, NZ Herald, Company results, Sensible Sentencing Trust, Police, ID verification, Interpol, International Courts, International News, and more! If you want to avoid a bad tenant, then insist on using Renthub's Tenant Checking Service.

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Why you should use a professional property manager to find your tenant:

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Rental Appraisal

The best way to get an accurate and detailed understanding of how much your property should be rented out for, is through a free rental appraisal with our experienced property managers.

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Smoke Alarm Testing

As an owner you have specific responsibilities in regards to smoke alarms and a duty of care to your tenants in a number of ways. There are rules confirming owner’s responsibilities for the installation and maintenance of smoke alarms in tenanted properties. They need to meet the legislative requirements and building codes applicable under the residential tenancies act and as specified in the Tenancies (Smoke Alarms and Insulation) Regulations 2016. At just $99 per year, we recommend using SATS to take care of your smoke alarm requirements.

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Meth Testing

Protect your home, investment and family - ensure your property is free from meth contamination. Owners have a responsibility to ensure their property is safe for future occupants and Property Managers have a duty of care to advise their clients about the risks of methamphetamine contamination. A Meth test should be conducted in between each new tenancy agreement.

We recommend All Clear who have two options to offer:

  • Field composite testing: $174+GST
  • Lab composite: $243+GST

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